Hello everyone. I’m Rae and I’m a mother and a wife first, and a blogger second.

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About the Blogger

Yes, I am the happy owner of 3 fantastic dogs whom I love dearly. I do my best to provide them with lots and lots of love but also the best products. I always dislike leaving the house without them but it’s life. Although, I do have my German Shepherd in training to become a service dog. She is in training so I can take her everywhere, she’s training to aid in my health issues. Here you will see me writing blogs for making dog treats and among other things so they can get the best. My three pups are a German Shepherd, an Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix, and an Australian Shepherd.

Kai (crossed the rainbow bridge in 2019), my German Shepherd was our first rescue dog who has multiple health issues and had a few surgeries and she’s only 1. Our second pup was our foster dog who is an Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua mix. Yes she was my “foster fail” but she was simply that sweet and got along well with our German Shepherd. Our third dog wasn’t a rescue, but he failed out of a breeding program due to his ears standing straight up which is a breed “flaw” but he’s perfect! He is the only male dog we own but he is an Australian Shepherd. All are so much fun and totally big bundles of energy. I have a recent foster fail named Zelda, who is a German Shepherd. She just turned 1 at the end of March and she is currently working on service dog training and doing a phenomenal job with it

Stalk my dogs on Instagram: @bark.with.it

If there’s anything you ever want to see up on my blog contact me. Wanna guest post on my blog or feature me on yours? Simply contact me and I’d be happy to contribute or let you contribute. I love talking to other dog or animal supporter. Then again, my favourite thing about a person is their dog.

In case you need a quote about dogs: “Never trust a person who doesn’t love dogs.”

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