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How your dog acts is a reflection of you, the owner. All dog owners want a well mannered dog. Socialization is a major part of a dog’s education as well as learning commands. These commands aren’t tricks as they are things all dogs should know. Depending on where you live, there are usually many things you can do with your dog. Whether it be an outdoor event or going hiking. There are some things your dog needs to know to be kept safe and so you both will have fun during outdoor adventures.

5 commands

5 Commands Your Dog Needs to Know

Here are 5 commands that are essential for your dog to know.


This is great for your dog to know so if something were to happen you can quickly get them back and know you can trust them off leash. Getting your dog to come when called means, never associating it with anything negative. Always make it a positive experience for them. There are many situations where recall will be helpful to have and it’ll be good so you know your dog will come back to you when called. This command takes time and patience but is truly worth all the hard work.


I’ve had many people tell me their dog struggled with these commands and that they are the more difficult ones to teach. They are essentially the same because your dog isn’t allowed to move from the position they are in. I trained it both while they are in a sit and in a down. If you hike a lot these commands are great so you can get their paws cleaned off before they get in the car. It can also keep them from running into traffic.

Wait means that your dog is to stay where they are; sit, stand, or lie down, and wait for further commands or instructions. Stay means they aren’t to move until given a release command.


Not very often do I come across a dog who doesn’t enjoy sniffing everything outside while on walks or hikes. No dog owner wants to get pulled while walking or hiking with their dog. When your dog knows the heel command, they will be able to stay at your side and walk on a loose leash. Having your dog walk in a heel allows you both to enjoy the scenery and makes it safer if you need to walk around anything unsafe with your dog.

Drop It

This is helpful if you bring your dog to restaurants (that are dog friendly) or anywhere else where they can get pick up items they aren’t supposed to. You never know what your dog may find while out on a walk, hiking, exploring the town, or at the beach. This will help prevent them from getting sick if they pick up a  nasty item, you can have them “drop it” which will keep them safe.


All dogs bark. If you happen to have a dog that barks often or barks constantly, you’ll want to teach them this command. Barking to dogs is natural as it is how they communicate just like how we all talk. When out in public though, most people don’t want to hear a dog barking. If your dog is trained to know the quiet command it will help alleviate the stares you’ll get due to a barking dog. A good way to teach the quiet command is to first teach the speak command.

5 commands to teach your dog

With patience, commitment, and positivity you can have a well training dog that you can bring places that are dog friendly. These commands are also helpful overall, even if you don’t take your dog out places with you. What commands would you add to this list? Does your dog know any cool tricks, if so, what are they?

boost confidence in your dog / essential commands for your dog5 commands your dog needs to know

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