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We all always want the best for our pet, and yes this will be about your dog. So many people don’t understand why you should crate train or feel crate training is a punishment for your dog. It actually provides comfort for your dog so they always have a place to go. Their crate or bed or whatever you wish to call it, is basically the equivalent to a bedroom.

5 Reasons to Crate Train:

  1. Gives your dog their own space.
  2. Help to potty train them quicker
  3. Transport your dog safely
  4. Keep your dog calm while recovering
  5. Provides your dog an escape spot

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1. Gives your dog their own space

This is important that your dog has their own space in the house so they have a place to go to sleep or relax. This also shows that a crate isn’t punishment. Just like people need time to their self, so does your dog. To get a double door crate, I suggest this metal dog crate.

2. Help to potty train your dog quicker

This is kind of self explanatory as dogs don’t want to sleep where they potty so they typically won’t go in their bed if trained properly. The hopes for this is that your dog will let you know when they need to go out to potty by whining, crying, or barking. Until they get adjusted to a schedule this is typical and quite common.

3. Transport you dog safely

I know, I know, so many of us want to drive in the car with our dogs roaming but it sometimes isn’t the safest option. Some dogs like to move around a lot and this can be dangerous for both the dog and the driver. If they dog tries getting to your lap while driving, that isn’t safe. Also, if you ever travel by plane, train, or boat, your dog is required to be in a crate so having them adjusted will make it so much easier. I highly recommend this crate for transportation, it’s also collapsable! Traveling by plane and need a crate approved for airlines? I totally recommend this one and it has wheels!

4. Keep your dog calm while recovering

If your dog gets spayed or neutered, the vet usual wants your dog to not be active for a day or possibly a few days. Most people wonder how to keep your hyper dog or puppy calm after a surgery, and crate training is one way to do so. If for some reason your dog gets injured and goes to the vet for a major surgery, they may be required to be calm and not move around much except for an outing on a leash to potty. So if your dog is crate trained, this will be much easier to deal with. Looking for a bed to add to their kennel, this one is fantastic.

5. Provides your dog an escape spot

Similar to the first point, but different in aspects as well. If you don’t very often have guests over your dog may be bothered by them and want to just be alone until they are okay with the guests. Children can also cause some stress making your dog want to escape and have alone time as well. This can also be the fact the dog doesn’t like children or anyone to constantly pet it and if the dog feels he/she had nowhere to retreat to, they may lash out and bite or growl at the guests.


The best things about crate training your dog is that you can do it at almost any age. The younger they are, the easier it will be of course but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin crate training your 5 year old dog, or 8 year old dog.

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4 thoughts on “5 Best Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog

  1. So true. My dogs have all spent time in a crate and some think it’s mean but it really does help with training. More importantly I think is the safe spot.

  2. We had a dog that was crate trained and all these things were true. She passed a few months ago and we just got a new furry family member. We’re working on crate training her as well.

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