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Bully Sticks


There are multiple benefits to giving your dog a bully stick and we will discuss some of those reasons here. Bully sticks come in a variety of sizes and can be made thicker if you buy ones that are braided together. You can also purchase them as spirals or other designs to help them last a bit longer with your dog. I have yet to meet a dog who didn’t enjoy a bully stick. Some dogs took some time to figure out what it was while others went to chewing instantly. I have found you the best place to get fully natural bully stick chews.

Bull Sticks

1. All-Natural and Healthy

Most bully sticks are 100% beef from range free, grass fed cattle. They are low in fat and high in protein so even a dog overweight can enjoy one of these without causing worry or harm. The protein helps maintain the health of the dog’s muscles and organs. They are also naturally rich with nutrients. Another perk to bully sticks is that they are typically free from chemicals, artificial ingredients,¬†¬†preservatives, hormones, and bleaches.

2. Dental Health

Similar to some other chews, bully sticks can help promote dental health. As your dog chews the stick, plaque and tartar is removed which helps keep their teeth and gums healthy. To your dog, bully sticks are a delicious way to maintain dental health and keep away diseases such as gingivitis as well as periodontal disease. One other perk to these yummy treats is that they help fight bad doggy breathe.

3. Fully Digestible

Bully sticks are completely and fully 100% digestible. Unlike rawhides which are terrible for your dog, bully sticks are a fantastic alternative. This is because the USDA regulates the production of bully sticks. Since the treat is pure and only has one real food ingredient, this makes it easy for your dog to digest. These treats won’t be staying in your dog’s belly for days like rawhides and plastic treats.

bully sticks all natural

4. Variety

This may be the best part for your dog because changing up treats is great. Bully sticks come in a variety of ways so it keeps your dog interested and makes them think they are getting a different treat, yet it has so many health benefits. If you have a dog that can break the standard stick then getting them a braided one or an extra thick one may be the way to go. If you are like some people, you prefer treats that don’t have a smell so the low odor and odor free bully stick is just right for you and your dog. Spring shaped bully sticks are also a great option as they aren’t the standard shape for treats for your dog. Feel free to check out all the varieties and different options that Only Natural Pet offers.

5. Dogs Love Them

Yes, I said it. Dogs do love bully sticks. They keep your dog occupied which is wonderful, but never leave your dog unsupervised with any sort of a treat or toy. I have 3 dogs and mine all enjoy bully sticks and like when I switch them up to different styles. Be sure to also get the proper size for your dog so it isn’t too big or too small for them.


bully sticks

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