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10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy


As pet owners we are always wanting to see our pets happy and of course healthy. Luckily my dogs are constantly happy but anytime they seem to be less happy or not quite as excited I do change things up to cheer them up and it’s always simple tasks that make them extremely happy and excitable again. Here are some great ways to make your dog happy.


1. Use a food dispensing Toy

Using a food dispensing toy to feed your dogs a few days a week definitely keeps feeding time fun and interesting. I usually will sometimes just add a few treats to it and some kibble and still let them eat from their bowls but it’s still interactive for them.

2. Teach your dog New Tricks

Teaching a dog any sort of a new trick or task is great. It lets them work and think and want to please you. Some dogs will of course take longer to learn tasks and sometimes age also plays a role in how quickly a dog can learn a trick as well. Some things you can teach your dog are clean up, bow, spin, and crawl. These are just a few ideas. Of course it’s helpful if they already know a few of the more common or basic commands such as sit and lay down.

3. Make Homemade Treats

We all know how easy it is to simply go purchase already made dog treats. Something fun you can do though is make treats for your dog with some of their favorite foods in them. You’ll get them excited and make them happy as they smell the goodness baking in the oven. You can even make easy frozen treats too for them when it’s hot outside. My dogs love bananas and salmon so here’s the recipes so you can make them for your dogs. I have one for salmon jerky and one for chewy banana treats. I’m always making treats for my dogs so if you can’t find a good recipe, comment and let me know what treats you want me to make next with a few ingredients your dog drools over.

4. Go on a Hike

This is a fun adventure for your dog as well as yourself. You can go to a hiking trail, climb some mountains, or even something as simple as a dog friendly state park for a hike. Also by mixing up the hiking trails every so often, you’ll keep your dog enjoying the moments from each hike. Another way to make this more memorable is to photograph your dog along the way. Perhaps even pack a lunch and take a break to snack with your dog. Be sure to bring them some treats and plenty of water.

5. Take your dog Swimming

If you have a water dog taking them to go for a swim would be great fun! This can be something simple like letting them swim in your own pool, heading to a dog friendly beach, or even finding a lake or creek that’s safe for your dog to splash around in. Be sure to update yourself on any precautions in case the water isn’t safe at certain times for you and your dog.

6. Use Stuffed Kongs

Kong brand toys are great for dogs of any age. They have them set for puppies, moderate chewers, and heavy chewers. My dogs are the most aggressive chewers it seems and can destroy nearly anything. I purchase these black kongs and they have yet to destroy them. Kong also has some other great products too but I have about 4-6 of those and 3 dogs but having extra make it easier for me to use them and have some clean while I have others being washed.

7. DIY Toys

Making your own toys for your dog gives you the freedom to adjust certain things about them. Plus it also usually costs less money as long as you don’t mind taking a bit of your time to make them. If you sew, making a re-stuffable dog toy is a great idea. They are good especially if you have a dog who loves to simply pull the stuffing or insides of a toy out. Another toy you can make for your dog is a flirt pole. A flirt pole is basically a stick that you hold with a string and something to entice your dog on the end. It’s fast moving and is great to keep your dog physically fit.

8. Take your dog out for a Treat

Taking your dog out for a treat can be fun. You can go to the pet store and get them a cookie that’s freshly baked. If you enjoy Starbucks or any coffee shop, you can ask for a cup of whip cream for your dog. My dogs fully enjoy whipped cream. Another idea is going to get snocones and asking for a small one that’s peanut butter flavor. My main snocone place offers them free to dogs but not all of course will be free at all snocone stands.

9. Different Route for a Walk

Changing up the usual walk routine is fantastic. It gives your dog new smells and sights to see. It may also allow for new distractions for them keeping them excited for walks. Be patient if your dog wants to sniff more than usual when going a different path that usual. It’s new to them and gets them excited. Be sure it’s still safe for your dog of course as we don’t want any dog getting hurt.

10. Plan a dog Playdate

If you have a friend with a dog that you wish to hang out with, get together with them and let your dogs play together. Be sure to monitor the dogs closely, especially if they have never met before so neither gets too rough. Some dogs will quickly click, others take longer or don’t play well at all. You can go to a dog park or simply let them play in a back yard together (fenced in may be best unless they have impeccable recall).


What are some ideas you have for keeping your dog happy?

Do you follow or do any of the ideas suggested? Let me know what makes your dog happy, whether it be a walk or a specific toy.


3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

  1. We do change things up. One thing going we do on a hot day is go to a place that has ice creams and she gets her own. Or to our bank which we provide them wit treats from redbsrn to give to her. She loves are bank.

    I love some of the ideas that I read and will incorporate them.

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