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10 Places to visit with your dog in 2017

10 Places to visit in 2017 with your dog that are great! I’ve done some research and talked to friends about places they’ve gone with their dogs and the great perks of each one. Here is my list of ten places to visit with your dog this year.

1. Sedona, Arizona

Perfect for hiking. Don’t like hiking? No worries. They have plenty of shopping, dining, and biking places where you can bring your dog. El Portal Sedona Hotel is the perfect pet friendly hotel. The hotel is fully built with pets in mind.

10 Places to visit with your dog

2. Canine Camp Getaway – Lake George, NY 

This place is basically the perfect summer camp for your furry friend and you. They have anywhere from 4-7 daily activities for you and your dog to enjoy together. Not only this but they also have dog friendly swimming pools, dog friendly areas for dining, a bar where they host yappy hour, and more. It’s simply perfect for you and your dog to hang or and spend plenty of time.

10 Places to visit with your dog

3. Algiers Beach – Sanibel Island, FL

Here is a beach right near a nature trail, although dogs are required to be on a leash it is still a great and fun place for your pup to adventure and play. This is a clean beach and usually always has friendly people with their pups enjoying the beach and fun. Be prepared though to pay to park there from 7am until 7pm but after 7pm parking is free.

10 Places to visit with your dog florida

4. Cross Seminole Trail – Oviedo, FL

Here is great place to visit near the Orlando, FL area. It’s a trail that is right there on the path of old railroads. It’s supported by a non-profit, Rails-To-Trails Conservancy.

10 Places to visit with your dog oregon

5. Bend Ale Trail – Bend, OR

As this city is a high desert area, you get nearly a full year, yes you read that right, nearly a FULL YEAR of sunshine. This being said, it’s the perfect place for hiking with your pup. A great trail is Bend Ale Trail which is about 500 miles of streams and rivers. You can grab a canoe and explore the lakes with your dog. The hotel is even dog friendly which makes it great for relaxing after a long day outdoors.

10 Places to visit with your dog carmel california

6. Trio Carmel – Carmel, CA

The city of Carmel is beautiful and wonderful and on top of that, it’s dog friendly. It’s a perfect little village for walking around outside. Early September brings a sand castle contest which is held annually. This event has been going on for over 50 years. After a day soaking in the sun and scenery be sure to stop by Trio Carmel with your pup to enjoy some wine and other great things and enjoy looking at an art gallery as well.

10 Places to visit with your dog South Carolina

7. Pitt Street Railroad Bridge – Mt. Pleasant, SC 

This is a gorgeous city and area with planted palm trees and grass where you’ll love walking your dog and your dog will be happy you rough them there for a lovely walk. It totally is a beautiful sight to stay and watch the sunset as well. It’s an area that also has a water foundation for not only humans but also dogs. This is totally a must do while visiting the Charleston area.

10 Places to visit with your dog Glacier Peak Washington

8. Glacier Peak – Washington

This is a beautiful place to hike. It’s home to Washington’s most active volcano but you won’t regret this hike. It has beautiful sights so be sure to bring a camera (or even a phone that’s fully charged) for the gorgeous views you’ll see. Planning to do the entire hike? Bring a hammock that you can set up for you and your pup to share. It’s about a 32 mile hike round trip so your pup will most likely need a break every now and again unless you’re an avid hiker with them. This totally isn’t for everyone but it’s truly gorgeous if you love adventuring.

10 Places to visit with your dog colorado grand sand dunes national oark

9. Great Sand Dunes National Park – Colorado 

These are the tallest sand dunes in North America. I’ll first off say, you’ll dog will love this open area of sand to run and play in. During the summer he sure to keep your pet on the wet, moist sand near the Medano Creek so they don’t burn their paws on the 150*F sand. Or pack them some shoes for extra protection from the heat. It’s also best to access the dunes in the early morning or in the evenings to avoid the heat as well. I will add that I do believe pets are required to stay on leash though to respect wildlife and other people visiting the sand dunes.

10 Places to visit with your dog Las Vegas Red rock canyon

10. Red Rock Canyon – Las Vegas, NV 

This lovely national conservation area is less than 30 minutes (half an hour) away from the Las Vegas strip. Pets are allowed on the trails but should be kept on leash as it is required. It’s beautiful but can get hot so be sure to pack plenty of water for your dog and never leave them alone, unsupervised.
I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 places to visit in 2017 with your dog. If you’ve been to any of these places be sure to let me know if you loved it there with your dog.

Do you know of other great places that are dog friendly? What should be added to my list of places to visit with my dogs?
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