Dog Chews – Top 6 Long Lasting Chews for Dogs

Dog Chews - Long Lasting Chews for Dogs

This is our short list for the month of our top 6 long lasting dog chews. These include himalayan yak chews, bully sticks, antlers, petqwerks barkbones, and more! Seriously, my dogs are mega chewers and these seem to last us anywhere from a few days to a few months at minimum.

Raw Recipes – 4 DIY Raw Meals for your Dog

Raw Recipes for Dogs Made Easy

If you’ve been reading my posts over the last few weeks, you know I’m big into feeding my dogs a raw diet. I totally get this isn’t for everyone but if you are curious about how to feed your dog raw, check out this post. If you are here for a few raw recipes, stay tuned. Some of these definitely have proteins that might not be found in your local grocery but can be found at your butcher most likely or online at Raw Feeding Miami. I love shopping with…

German Shepherd Dog – Pros and Cons to Owning One

German Shepherd Dog - Pros and Cons of Owning A German Shepherd

As a German Shepherd owner myself, I absolutely love the breed and plan to always own a German Shepherd Dog. The pros outweigh the cons for me for the breed but keep reading if you are curious about the pros and cons of this breed. German Shepherd Dog For this list of pros and cons about the German Shepherd Dog, I’ll try to keep them both relatively equal but I do feel I can think of more pros than cons. This is a list I created after owning the breed…

Homemade Dog Treats – Chicken & Strawberry

Homemade Dog Treats

Have you been searching for easy DIY homemade dog treats and haven’t had much luck? Be glad you stumbled across this post because we have this recipe, plus a few others, and more to come! Making treats for my dogs and those at the shelter is something I really enjoy doing. This recipe only requires 6 simple ingredients that you most likely have at your home already, or can find quite easily at your local grocery. This recipe is full of nutrients and flavors your dog will love. The main…

Toppl Treat Toy – Stuffable Puzzle Toy for Dogs

Toppl Treat Toy

If you are looking for a fun toy but also a new and exciting way to feed your dog, check out the toppl treat toy. I use it for enrichment with my dogs and it’s super helpful. It’s a good way to change up how your dog gets fed their meals. It’s super easy to just toss the food into it and give it to your dog. You can always add variety and use it for when you need your dog to just not be running around too. Toppl Treat…

Raw Eggs – Can Dogs Eat Them & Should They Eat Raw Eggs

Benefits of Raw Eggs for your Dog

Something people are asking me about giving dogs eggs is how I offer them. I always say they get them raw and people typically are surprised by that. Many are also surprised that I give my dogs eggs, let alone a raw egg. I’ve heard that eggs are too high in cholesterol, or concerned about salmonella or a biotin deficiency. I disagree with that. Eggs are a cheap and completely safe raw food to give your dog. They’re also one of the most nutritious and complete meals you can choose.…

Start Feeding Raw – 10 Simple Steps to Begin Raw Feeding Your Dog

Start feeding raw

If you haven’t read my previous post on my Raw Feeding Experience, I recommend you check it out. You can read it now or after you read this simple step guide. If you want to start feeding raw the steps are super simple to begin. Please note I am basing this off a PMR Diet (Prey Model Raw Diet). Rule #1: Muscle Meat is the Foundation As you can see above, muscle meat is the foundation of any raw diet. This means adding in those nice lean meats. Your dog…

Raw Feeding Experience – Plus Raw Food Companies

Raw Feeding Dogs

Many dog owners tend to feed kibble as it’s easy and super accessible. When I got my first German Shepherd almost 4 years ago, I started off feeding her kibble. She either didn’t like it or it made her sick. We tried multiple different proteins and brands, as well as ones that our vet recommended with little to no success. She just wasn’t handling it well at all.This is where I began my raw feeding journey with my dog. I decided to do research on other ways to feed a…

Dental Care for Dogs: The Importance of Basic Teeth Care for your Dog

Dental Care for Dogs - Dog Dental Care Routine - Brushing your dogs teeth

Dental care for dogs is commonly overlooked by many. We brush our teeth twice a day yet we typically don’t even consider brushing the teeth of our dogs. According to the American Veterinary Dental Association, up to 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease by the age of three. It doesn’t take long for problems to arise in our dogs, especially dental issues. Not all dogs will enjoy the daily or at minimum few days a week of their teeth being brushed but keep it up and they’ll…